The law program aims at realizing the following objectives: Qualifying a segment of graduates armed with their high level of legal culture as well as general culture in some humanitarian sciences required for understanding the law. Fulfilling the incremental community needs for graduates of legal sciences especially in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries at large. Promoting scientific research and qualifying a specific segment of students armed with research skills and qualified to carry out their jobs in the various legal fields such as the judiciary system, legal consultancies, working as lawyers and the various legal professions. Qualifying students for the job and developing the professional skills of learners by improving their abilities to solve the presented issues and find alternatives for these solutions. Developing the student’s intellectual skills and enhancing awareness in studying legislative texts in order to fulfill the community’s needs and aspirations. Learning Outputs of the Program By the end of studying this program, the student shall be able to: Be familiar with the law and identify its sources and the features of a legal rule. Differentiate between the law, Islamic Shariah and humanitarian sciences which support the understanding of the law. Interpret the legal provisions in accordance with a proper legal methodology. Clearly explain the basic legal principles and theories in each branch of law. Understand the main features of the legal system in the United Arab Emirates and its relation to the various legal systems. Deduce and apply legal provisions to the various cases and issues based on the theatrical legal knowledge. Scientifically and properly analyze the legislative provisions and judicial awards. Draft legal researches, memos and contracts in accordance with the proper legal rules.

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4 Years


35000.00 (USD)

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