Management Information Systems

Jeddah International College

The MIS program qualifies the students to design, develop and manage information in all organizations. It provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and select proper information systems, design, develop and direct the sources of information for the purpose of supporting decision process, and to produce reports used in strategic decision-making process for the organizations. MIS program is also designed to provide students with a full understanding to design and analyze systems, communications, programming, databases and all concepts related to business management, and provide the necessaryskills to integrate important information with all operation aspects, and the ability to re-engineer operations, commercial business, and problem-solving. **Career Opportunities** The graduates of this program can work in the field of management information systems, business analysis, project management,data management in all types of organizations, in e-commerce, and in the international economy, where there is growing need for specialists in the field of management information systems, especially with the growing reliance on information technology.

Start Date



4 Years


52500.00 (USD)

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