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Jeddah International College (JIC) is not just a mere edifice to be added to Jeddah educational skyline, it is a true advocate of academic excellence founded on the belief that academic excellence is achieved through an inspiring contemporary educational curriculum that fosters leadership and entrepreneurship, provided by eclectic and distinguished faculty recruited from the best organizations all around the world, to provide a prime future generations of young professional. To be the leading private higher education provider in the areas of design and business, and with our awareness of global and local market requirements, and by designing specific programs to foster a creative and supportive learning community to satisfy the local market demands, we are committed to provide an edifying education aiming to prepare and qualify graduates and empowering them with critical thinking to start their own businesses and hold leadership positions in their fields and their specialties, allowing them to make a positive impact on their environment. Jeddah International College operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia and in accordance with its regulations.

Bachelor Admission Requirements:

  1. High School Certificate
  2. Valid Iqama or Saudi ID copy
  3. Two Pictures
  4. IELTS 4.5 or above (Or Equivalent)
  5. GPA 60% or above

Bachelor Transfer Requirements:

The college accepts students from universities and colleges from inside and outside Saudi Arabia The College will compare the materials by a maximum of one to two days for the students from the colleges and institutes as well as the diploma campaign. For equivalent please bring certificates, grading and description of materials in addition to any other documents related to this and for more information please contact the registration section

The cost of attending university varies by program, however, a full time student can expect the tuition fees to range from 58026 to 65339 (USD) in this establishment.

What is the admission proccess?

  1. Fill an Admission Application.
  2. Pay Admission Fee (SR 1,000) & Placement Test Fee (SR 100)
  3. Placement Test will be conducted.
  4. Study Level will be decided on the basis of Placement Test Result.
  5. Students have to take Prep Year (Two Semesters) if they don’t qualify for the foundation year.

What are the class timings?

Regular classes in MORNING SESSION form 9 onward as per class schedule.

Does JIC transfer credit hours from other colleges?

Yes, JIC Credit Transfer Committee will approve the transfer, Ministry of Education rules apply.

Can I transfer JIC credit hours to any other college or university within KSA or outside during my studies?

Yes, As JIC degree programs are approved by the Saudi Education Ministry, credit hours can be transferred.